The Machine

Pizza is a $80 billion global business and growing rapidly, with consumers looking for more “on demand” options than ever before. Our machine makes great tasting pizza fast to take advantage of those accelerating trends. Each push of a button on our vending machine format creates a hot 8” pizza made to order, from refrigerated, fresh dough in under 3 ½ minutes. Pizzas can be ordered and paid for with a credit card, cash, paper coupons, or magnetic key cards (such as a college dining card), and provides a receipt with order number on it. Pizzas can be ordered in Pepperoni, Cheese, or White (sauceless) varieties, and are delivered boxed, ready to go.

The technology to produce these great pizzas is sophisticated engineering. We have patented our technology globally, and each machine has eight computers using over 300,000 lines of programming to insure a consistent product and monitoring. Yet, our machine has been designed for simple and quick maintenance and restocking, and meets the highest standards for safety from Underwriters Laboratories, NSF, and all state and local health authorities.

Consumers are constantly entertained after ordering. Windows on the machine show each step in the process from rolling out the dough to adding toppings. Additionally, a 32” television monitor on the front of our machine can provide advertising, additional information about their pizza and our machine, public service announcements, or any other messaging the operator wants to promote. All we need is 79” inches vertical, 41” deep, 54” wide, 220 volt access, and an individual IP address to get started. Watch the attached video to see how it works for yourself, and contact us to hear more about how you can get started in the automated pizzeria business.

Pizzametry has partnered with a world-class supplier in the manufacturing and assembly of its machines. The highly engineered demands of each machine require sophisticated production to deliver the highest reliability, coupled with the experience to achieve efficient production costs. Calvary Automation of Webster, NY (, is a proven supplier to the entire industry, and we are proud to have aligned ourselves with such accomplished business.

Click on the Contact Us tab today to arrange a visit to see our machine’s technology first hand, and enjoy the fastest fresh pizza on the planet.