Background and Company History

Pizzametry has spent the last four years painstakingly developing, perfecting and rigorous on-site location testing a highly sophisticated, automated vending machine that produces fresh, delicious pizza in consumer retail locations. Over $16 million has been invested in the process, ingredients, and machine development in Phase One.

We have partnered with Calvary Automation Systems ( of Webster, NY to manufacture the machines. Importantly, we are excited to announce that Phase Two has now begun, with the start of full-scale manufacturing of mass production units predicated on investor support. The Automatic Pizzeria is based on proprietary, patented technology (US5921170) for on-demand production of freshly cooked food products. Combining a patented fast-cooking dough technology, a proprietary cheese delivery and automated boxed delivery system, it creates a freshly cooked eight-inch pizza in 3 varieties in approximately 3 1/2 minutes.

Exciting and Sizable Product Opportunity

Globally, industry sources have the Pizza market at $80 billion with marked growth in all regions. The US Pizza market generates sales of $40 billion per year, providing substantial opportunity. Significant growth potential is based upon an automated food delivery system that provides good tasting, fresh, fast, and inexpensive pizza in locations where existing methods are either not available or inconvenient. Such venues can include 24-hour operations such as convenience stores, military installations, college dormitories, hospital waiting rooms, low-service hotels/motels, roadside rest stops, multi-shift factory operations, and after-houroperations at airports. Further opportunities exist in cafeterias and established retail restaurants.

APM Pizza Partners is focused on offering a total business and operating package that has the potential to re-energize current vending industry offerings. This approach allows additional cooked products to be offered in future implementations, building off the infrastructure in place for pizza.

Consumer Value Proposition and Competitive Advantage

Convenience, time-to-delivery for a freshly made, delicious (3 ½ minutes for the first pizza, 90 seconds for subsequent pizzas ordered) and 24/7 on-demand availability are clearly the strength of Pizzametry’s offering. There are a substantial number of venues where it is simply not realistic for any alternative.